Personal Injury

A Personal Injury can leave an individual financially, physically and emotionally harmed. The Law Office of Antonio B. Mari is ready to assist clients in this difficult time and insure that your settlement fairly reflects the damage caused. The physical or emotional injury often comes at the hand of another parties negligence. However, a personal injury claim may also be filed for an intentional wrongdoing or even the malpractice of another party. In any case, you should be protected by an attorney who will understand the impact on your life and damage that has been caused.

            A personal injury could result from any number of actions including:

  •             car accident
  •             truck accident
  •             motorcycle accident
  •             dog bites
  •             dangerous/defective product
  •             slip and fall accidents
  •             burn accidents
  •             boat accidents
  •             falling objects
  •             medical malpractice

            After one has sustained a personal injury, he or she has the right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party in civil court. In these case Antonio B. Mari will work with you in an attempt to prove that the defendant is the proximate cause of your injury. The plaintiff will also need to prove the monetary value of his or her case, based on medical care, emotional trauma, any lost wages, and possibly more.

            If you have been injured, a Antonio B. Mari can help. Don’t hesitate. There is a statute of limitations that limits the time in which you can make a claim.  Consultations are always free. Call us today at

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