Family Law

Family law is a broad area of the law that can directly impact multiple legal issues. Typical issues may include:

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • adoption
  • child custody
  • child support
  • child visitation
  • modification
  • prenuptial agreements
  • name changes

Family law issues can be emotionally charged and difficult to manage. It’s important to contact an attorney that will help you resolve these issues with the least amount of stress and the maximum amount of protection.

Whether contentious or agreeable, the most common family law issue, a divorce can be a difficult legal process to navigate alone. You need an attorney that knows the law and is willing to protect your rights. Antonio B. Mari has solution oriented approach to divorces that seeks to protect the rights of his client while defusing potentially troubling issues.  

At the Law Office of Antonio B. Mari, we provide a level of service unmatched in our field. You will get answers to your questions, and you will get results. Please contact Antonio B. Mari by phone or email today to discuss the circumstances of your potential case. An initial phone evaluation is always free.

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